Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New room pictures

Reading a bedtime story with Daddy.

So excited to share a room

New piggy nightight

We also got a horse wall clock that went up today as well. I still need to put some things on the wall, but that will take some time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bunk bed update

So Emily had to leave the bunk beds the first two nights. Last night I had to up the ante and tell them that if Emily went to the toddler bed that Mairead was going to have to go to the lower bunk as well. I figured it wasn't fair to have Emily be the only one with something to lose. We met Mike for dinner before his meeting last night and the girls always want to go into Gymboree. They head straight to the panty section. Mairead was thrilled to find purple ones with a unicorn and Emily pink ones with a fairy on it. They talked me into them and I used them as part of the bargaining tool for the bunk beds. I held them hostage and told them they could have one per day (we bought 3 each) when they've made the night. I'm not above bribery I guess. We've had success two nights in a row. They were so excited to wake up this morning in their new room together. They are very sweet about it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sharing a room

The girls have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new bunk beds to be able to share a room. They were delivered this morning and they are pretty excited to be sharing a room. We picked out new bedding and a rug. Believe it or not, finding light purple sheets was not easy, but I managed so one of our sets is purple for Mairead and pink for Emily. I am already painfully aware of how hard bunk beds will be to make.

Currently they are in there giggling away and seem to forget that we can actually hear them. I guess we'll have to build in some earlier bedtimes for school days to account for some of the extra time to go to bed. So far (and granted it has only been 10 minutes!) Emily is staying in her bed but they are being silly. Fingers crossed that it goes well. We have the option to put Emily in the other room, but are hoping the transition goes smoothly so we can turn that room into more of a playroom.

So in the second trip in to calm them and gently remind them it is bedtime, Emily asked for her typical water and then told us we forgot to put on a diaper! That would not have been a good first night.

Update: Emily is now in the little bed in Mairead's old room. An hour into it and still too much talking and giggling. She is not happy, but maybe she will understand that we mean business.
Pictures to follow later....

Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year Wrap up

Well, I see I've been a bit behind on my blog updates. Considering I resolve to keep up better in 2010, I figured I should end on a good note!

I can't believe the end of the year is here. The end of a decade! This has been my favorite decade to date. I married the most amazing man, he finished all of his training and got a JOB, we bought our first house and proceeded to have two beautiful and healthy little girls. There have been some lows as well, most notably the loss of our beloved Chuck. We think of you and miss you often. xoxo

As typical for us, we made some road trips and accrued some airline miles along the way. We went to Maui in March which was fabulous as usual. Even a knee brace and a cane can't dampen the thrill of sunshine, beaches, pool, rest, fruity drinks and lots of family time. In May we jetted down to Texas to visit the fam and meet our lovely niece Annabeth. Wish we could see her more often but lots of pictures help. Several visits to our house by Baba which is always a big hit. In June Mike and I escaped for a weekend getaway which was heavenly. (Thank you Pamela and Aunt Nette) In July we enjoyed a fun visit from Grandma, Pap and Aunt Danita. We quacked on Ride the Ducks, went up the Space Needle, showed them the Fremont Troll, Ballard Locks and just had a nice visit. Of course we had our normal fun out and about in Seattle. In October we made a long overdue visit to Wisconsin to visit Dad and Sandi. The girls got to go to a pumpkin patch and get a horse drawn wagon ride AND go to a farm for pony rides and to feed lots of horses. Well played Grandpa and Mimi. Wisconsin was a HIT and we have requests for repeat visits.

In August we said goodbye to Pamela and wished her well on her return to Mexico. We miss her, but are happy to know she is back with her family and friends (and Charlie!) and has been able to start school. Before her departure, we welcome another lovely gal into our home from Colombia, Luisa. She has been a wonderful addition as well!

We lost our dog Clancy at the beginning of April. His intestines endured too much damage and adhesions from the surgeries and we made the decision to put him down. As luck would have it, Mike was out of town but Jeannette went with me so I didn't have to go alone. It was heartbreaking and we miss him, but he had to be in pain with the state of his GI system.

Mike has continued to enjoy his job in his current practice. He is doing more elective cases and taking less call which we all LOVE!!! He continues to enjoy working with Seahawks. They seem to appreciate he and his partner as they certainly keep having lots of injuries for them. Now if only they would start to improve. He has a meniscus repair early October and has rebounded nicely. He has been enjoying an early yoga class at our club and goes faithfully 2-3 mornings a week. He's taken a break with my most recent surgery, but he'll get back in the swing of things soon.

I started the year post surgery and am ending the year post surgery. Lets hope 2010 marks a year with NO MORE! Started with the knee surgery and loooooong recovery after compounding tibia fracture as well. Ended with most recent colon surgery 11/30 and unfortunate complication of wound dehiscense and then infection. I am feeling better, although still sore and I get very tired. I've been able to get out more though. When I saw the wound care nurse yesterday, she thought another 2 weeks max and then I'll see the surgeon and should be hopefully cleared to return to exercise. I've stayed busy with all this recovery and rehab for sure. When not in post surgery mode, I love taking pilates and exercising. I've been busy with carpool pickup from Mairead's school, working in Emily's coop class once a week and my own appointments. I had to resign from my home care PT position in August. Unfortunately my knee just can't handle the up/down, awkward positions, squatting, etc that home care requires. I will put my license inactive when its time to renew in February and will have 3 years to decide what I want to do. You need 200 work hours every 2 years and I don't have enough to renew this February.

Mairead turned FIVE (can you believe it???) early October and is doing very well. SShe finished at Little Red Wagon Preschool in June, enjoyed cooking camp there in the summer and loved Zoo Camp as well. We held her 5th birthday party at the Carousel room at the Zoo and she was in heaven. Friends, cake and unlimited carousel rides! This fall she started in Pre-Kindergarten at Epiphany School which is a private Pre-K through 5th grade school in a section of town called Madrona. She goes 5 mornings a week and LOVES LOVES LOVES it. I have never seen her so excited about school. She wakes up every day excited for school and the teachers confirm her enthusiasm. We are beyond happy with this new school and community. She carpools over every morning with a family here in Magnolia as the Dad teaches science there. I in turn pick them up 4 out of 5 days. That means lots of time with her BFF Claire. They look so cute together- total frick and frack. Mairead is at the older end of the class and is of course tall. Claire is the youngest and is small. Very cute. She is taking swim lessons weekly and has been progressing nicely. The girls loved them this summer and we are doing a local place that does 15 mins private lessons. She is also doing gymnastics at a new place closer to us which is fabulous. Extra nice is that both girls can go at the same time which is great. Two girls doing two activities at the same time and place. Nice! In addition, one of the Moms of a Pre-K student at Epiphany teaches yoga at a studio near school and has done two sessions of yoga for the Pre-K set that are interested. She has really enjoyed it. Of course her favorite pose is Horse pose. Any surprise there? I caught her doing a triangle pose just the other day. She loves coloring and doing art and comes home with mounds of artwork everyday. Horses, zebras and dolphins remain the big favorites with horse being top dog. She has been hinting (well no hinting actually- downright asking!) for another dog lately. Apparently she talks about Clancy all the time at school and just lights up when we see a dog. But we are holding firm (OK, Mike is holding firm!) until they are a bit older and we are settled into whatever house we move to next.

Emily turned 3 at the end of July and was adamant in her desire for a Piggy Party. I was initially hoping she'd change her mind, but she persisted for months and I managed to put together a fun piggy party. She turned 3 on the hottest day on record in Seattle history- 104! That was a HOT HOT HOT week. We Seattle folk for the most part do not have air conditioning so it was hot. Emily got to go to coop camp this summer and took swimming lessons as well. Mommy waited until after she was 3 so she could get in alone. Emily is in a 3's class at the Coop this year and I work in class one day a week and she gets dropped off for two. She has some great little friends in her class and has a good time. She is also in gymnastics and taking swimming lessons, both of which she loves. She keeps asking about dance which of course means Mairead wants to dance as well. You often see them dressed alike and that would be Mairead's influence. She insists on matching Emily and since Emily only likes to wear dresses, Mairead suddenly loves dresses too. It only took 4 1/2 years! Emily is part Monkey and I completely and totally blame the Mike's genes. She is channeling Uncle KC and Uncle Sean. She scales her dresser, uses her diaper pail as a ladder, stands on her glider. Basically, if its stationary she is most likely to climb it. She is unbelievably sweet but can be equally as frustrating. While her hearing is good, she often chooses not to listen. Days are spent saying "Emily, Emily, EMILY! Give me your eyes!" She and Mairead are good little friends and play together nicely. Emily loves dress up and playing with her Princesses. Right now she says her name is Snow White. Mairead's favorite Disney princess right now is Mulan because she rides a black horse. I know...SHOCKER!

This summer we had new grass put in the backyard and put in a huge patio. We have never spent so much time in our backyard and absolutely love it. Now with a side patio and rearrangement of some of the girls things, I can finally be in the kitchen and see them playing outside. Definitely money very well spent. Next up we plan to get a few bids to see how expensive it would be to reface our kitchen cabinets, or at least have some work done on the insides to make them more user friendly.

We already have some fun things on the upcoming horizon. Mairead is taking ski lessons weekly for two months with a program called Powder Pigs. She is excited and Daddy of course will force himself to take her every week and board himself. Guess Emily and I will have to find something to get into. In February we're slated to venture to Stowe, VT for Mike's cousin Tara's wedding. The girls are making their flower girl debut and will be thrilled to get all dressed up in their fancy dresses and be adored. We have a trip booked for Spring break to Maui early April. Turns out our good friends (The Boyds) will be there overlapping which will be great. Mike and I have a blast with Jamie and Sarah and the girls enjoy Wade and Halle who are essentially the same age. Fun times! I hope to venture to PA in September for cousin Jamie's wedding, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay with Mairead being in Kindergarten then. Maybe we'll venture East for a longer visit in the summer. Would love to get back to see our lovely niece too. No definite plans on all of those though yet.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is it the weekend yet???

It has felt like a very long week this week. First of all, we have a houseful of sickies. Mairead has had a cold since last week and it has just gotten worse. Mike has had the same cold and it is lingering as well. Why does it always happen when he is on call??? I actually took Mairead into the pediatrician on Weds morning. I rarely go to the office outside of well check up visits (knocking on wood right now!) but she had a low grade fever that morning that was up to 101 at most. But almost a week into a cold I wanted to make sure she didn't have anything settled into her ears or lungs. Poor thing was coughing so badly the night before and just looked so miserable that morning. Her ears, lungs, throat all looked good. She could hear the congestion in her cough, but nothing bacterial going on so just wait it out. She thinks the fever is because of a different bug or something. Emily had a low grade fever yesterday as well so it was probably a different virus. Then today Emily seems to be feeling worse with the cold. She was so fussy today and just having a hard time. We are also in the middle of operation potty training this week and today was a rough day for her. She is afraid of pooping on the potty but did it on Tuesday after playing naked after lunch. Wouldn't go yesterday and kept saying she needed to go today but wouldn't do it. She also wouldn't accept a pullup or diaper to go in so she keeps holding her little bum and saying she needs to go but then not doing it. For a daily girl, she has got to be feeling a bit uncomfortable. I don't know what to do for her to make her relax. Then Mairead wants to help her and be involved in every way (overstepping some personal boundaries I'd say!) and Emily is resisting which makes Mairead upset. Add to the mix Emily taking at most a 30-40 min nap today (she usually sleeps 2-3 hours!) and we had one cranky kiddo tonight. I was planning on riding the bike once I had them in bed, but was so exhausted that I decided a glass of wine was a better idea.

Between the illnesses and potty training, we have been staying at home most of the week and I also think all of us are a bit stir crazy. One more day and then Grandma and Pap arrive. I only hope they are feeling better and perk up a bit. And I also hope that the next 3 days of call that Mike has left are kind to him so we can see him. Poor Emily keeps crying this week that she wants Daddy. She is a Daddy's girl and has been really sad that he's been at work this week.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sagecliffe getaway

We had a lovely weekend in Eastern WA at Sagecliffe. Their is also a vineyard there called Cave B Winery. The setting there is beautiful on the Columbia River Gorge. Two and a half hours away and very different climate and atmosphere then Seattle. It was a lovely property, good wine and great food. We both enjoyed some spa treatments on Saturday morning. We spent some time relaxing at the pool after lunch then. Even though it was hot, there was a nice breeze so it felt comfortable.

We missed the girls, but a weekend of couple time was so nice. We are very grateful to Jeannette for watching the girls for the weekend. They had a great time with Aunt Nette. Poor Jeannette looked awfully tired on Sunday though.

View from our room balcony of Columbia River Gorge

Mike on our balcony

Before dinner on Friday night

Main building with restaurant and Inn

After dinner Saturday night

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Countdown to the weekend

Mike and I are eagerly awaiting the weekend. My sister has graciously offered to watch the girls so we are heading out of dodge for the weekend to a place called Sagecliffe. It is on the Columbia River Gorge and has a spa and Cave B Winery. We are both setup with 2 appointments each (massage and facial for me, massage and body scrub for Mike) in the spa and have reservations for dinner both nights. We'll have a wine tasting to setup as well.
Check it out here:
We will of course miss the girls, but are so excited for a little R&R together. It is calling for fabulous weather so we'll be sure to pack our suits and relax by the pool. Yes I actually said RELAX by the pool and not "jump around in the pool holding toddlers with floaties on!"

I'll be sure to take some pictures and post when we are back. I'm sure the girls will have a great time with Aunt Jeannette and that she will spoil them rotten. They have swim lessons bright and early on Saturday morning and then I'm sure Aunt Nette will come up with something fun to do. I have Pamela on deck for a bit of a break for Jeannette Sunday morning since full time Aunt duty is tiring.